How Goospares helps in Liquidation of excess inventory?

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By moving your inventory to Goospares, there’s a chance that you could still get away with a profit. However, in order to sell your product elsewhere, a removal order must be created within the main seller. It shifts your stock officially from the store of the Goospares to the next spot.

Goospares liquidation strategies will help you get to the higher side, while the company will make profits on goods you were unable to sell before.

Inventory liquidators buy the products at a discount and market them to customers at lower prices, they can choose to work with a designer to restyle the product to suit the trendy wavelength. It won’t earn you the expected profit, but it’s a great way to move stock.

It will also help you unlock physical space in the centre of distribution and release money invested in an obsolete inventory that can be spent further in more effective purchases.

This inventory winding will surely help you clear some space in the display shelves and replace the inventory of items that can actually be sold. It will be important for growth in the industry and will lead to its success in the future.

Goospares’s liquidation

Here’s a quick snapshot over how Goospares work

  • You can upload your excess inventory listing to market your products and sell them in Goospares.
  • If your inventory includes large volumes of unsold items, you can make a bulk sale here.
  • Customers can view your products at — Customers are provided with quick and easy purchases with features.
  • When customers place an order, Goospares notifies you. You can let Goospares take you out the shipment.
  • Goospares transfer payments to you — protects your bank deposits and notifies you of your payment received.

7 potential advantages to be gained

Now that you know which inventories do not provide income, let us know how to best utilize them.

  • Give an ideal way to quickly sell the excess inventory.
  • Provide access to a large consumer network, but is much greater than its local marketing expertise.
  • You can either use a Goospares auction model, in which you can set the lowest price to accept or use a pricing system.
  • Compared to other online marketplace this platform offers reduced marketing costs.
  • As part of an established online marketplace creates a level of confidence between seller and buyer.
  • They create opportunities for new trade relationships with distributors and suppliers to be formed in your supply chain or across supply chains.
  • Increased transparency — supply, prices and stock levels in an open environment is available.

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