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How to find Excess Inventory Buyers

Hello Industries and SMEs, We are aware of your problem and so we came up with solutions that can amaze you.. 
Goospares has laid its foundation on trust and building its relationship by providing what its prospects are expecting. 

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we stand out of the crowd and thrive to get you the best possible solution with evolving strategies. But if you really need to know why you need to choose us, then we have plenty of reasons for you to have. 

Here they are 

  • Great Cataloging System 
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Buyer Networks
  • Strategic and Technology Partnerships
  • Extended Services and Operations

Great Cataloging System:

A good cataloging system in place helps in multiplying your customer’s numbers and doubling your business growth as well. 

A product Catalog will almost decide a buyer’s journey across your platform. Sometimes, an industrial buyer may not even know his exact need but end up buying products. For good service, it is always important to educate your customers by showing your expertise.

Building your own catalog management tool is not so easy. It is sometimes a long-term process since product SKU No’s are very big when dealing with industrial products.

This involves a lot of operational systems like CMS/PIM, ERP, CRM, etc.. 

Goospares, an Industrial Market, has its own tailormade platform helping your products get cataloged and displayed on a portal providing your buyers with an information-rich experience

Advanced Marketing

Potential buyers always don’t reach you, but you can make them know you, and get them to a consideration stage. Remember, your prospects already know what they need, where they need to go. But still, you have an opportunity because change is the only constant thing in this world. Prospects always look for the best alternative solution. So, make your way out and reach them. Sometimes, this is going to be difficult even when you have a strong identity because of your competitors. But no matter how they are, where they are when you know how to stand out of the crowd. Goospares help you in such a way and help you stand ahead of the curve. 

Buyer Network

Don’t forget that Goospares, not only help industries that are struggling but also help buyers across the world. Therefore finding customers for your excess inventories is not at all a big deal.

Strategic and Technology partnerships

It is always important in having strong relationships with key players extending your service offerings. CODA and Goospares, acting as a Technology Partner for V-LINE(one of the top key player Middle East) in providing specialized services.

As part of expanding its business portfolio, V-Line has decided to have a Joint venture with us who is in the business of providing support to optimize inventories for manufacturers along with supporting organizations through innovative MDM tools and processes.

Also, other partners are in line to get engaged soon.

Extended Services and Operations

Goospares, with the aim to include new customers, new revenue streams, it is expanding its operations across seas. With access to new markets, we found that there is more possibility of transforming the business as per the customer’s requirement. 

Also, Get to know how Goospares served tier-one manufacturers, solve their problems.

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