Lists of Industrial spares that are common to every other industry.

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Maximizing the efficiency and safety of industrial manufacturing equipment depends a great deal on high-quality industrial spares products. Some of the spares are listed out here

1. Clutches
Industrial clutches connect the two rotating shafts so that they can be spin, locked or decoupled at the same time. It helps to spin or stop any working engine. The different types of clutches are Industrial toothed clutches, Air-cooled clutch, Torque limiting clutches, Expanding clutches, Electromagnetic clutches, and Safety clutches.


2. Drive parts
Industrial drives are used to determine the torque and horsepower requirements. It needs to take into account the load on the motor, speed, acceleration, deceleration and duty cycle of the motor. The types of drives are mechanical, hydraulic and electric (AC, DC drives).


3. Pumps and filters
Industrial pumps are a heavy-duty process pump used to move all types of products such as water, chemical, oil, petroleum, etc. Centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps are commonly used in industries.

Industrial filters are used for cleaning and treating industrial oils/lubricants, gases, and water. Some of the main types of industrial filters are air filters, hydraulic filters, gas filters, and strainers.

4. O-rings
O-ring kits are an indispensable maintenance related item and should be inventoried in every warehouse. O-rings can be used for more than preventing air or fluid from passing, they are also used as a drive belt, decorative objects on furniture, cups and automotive parts and also used as body jewelry. Standard molded O-rings and Custom O-rings are the types available with metric sizes.


5. Gearbox
Gearboxes are used in a very wide range of industrial fields. It can be set up to do the opposite and provide an increase in shaft speed with a reduction of torque. There are several types of the gearbox are Helical, Coaxial helical inline, Bevel helical, Skew bevel helical, Worm reduction and Planetary.




6. Seal kits
Industrial seals are used to optimize the performance of a machine. Usage of the right types of seals in applications will help to get a reliable result. The most common types are using in industrial applications are Hydraulic seals, Pneumatic seals, Piston seals, LC profile seals, Fastener seals, Integral seals, Wave guide seals, spring energized seals, rotatory shaft seals, Metal V-seals, Metal bonded to rubber seals.


7. Gaskets
Gaskets are used in virtually all industries to protect moving parts of an application by separating from rubbing against hard surfaces and creating friction. It is chosen for installation on the basic features of the material such as its resistance to chemicals, temperatures, pressures, acid, gases, and electromagnetic forces. Gaskets can be classified in many types, by material, by function or by applications.

8. Fluid coupling spares
In industries, fluid couplings are used to provide gentle acceleration control, torque limiting control, load sharing control, and speed control. Constant-fill couplings and fill- controlled couplings are the types of fluid couplings.


9. Industrial sensors
The industrial sensor is a device that detects the progressions in physical or electrical to produce an output. The output is converted to readable display at the sensor and also transmitted electronically over a network for further processing. The most frequently use a different type of sensors are temperature sensors, proximity sensors, ultrasonic sensors, pressure sensors, and torque sensors.


10. Electrical Contractors
In industries, contactors are most commonly used for controlling electric motors. It consists of an electromagnet, contacts, and spring enclosed inside an enclosure. Contactors are available up to the ampere rating of 12500A. There are various types of contractors, each type has its own set of features, capabilities, and applications.



It is very important to choose the right type of industrial MRO products for maximum protection and longevity.

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