How to buy MRO spare parts at half the cost?

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Small business owners always look for minimizing the spend and profit. Industrial buying process is not easy as consumer buying, where it needs to consider so many factors like availability, warehouse space, logistics, finance, etc. With an objective to get the best deal for the company.

Inventory liquidation purchases

Shelf pulls are one of the the significant reasons for the stock liquidation. Shell pull stocks are not a kind of stock that has lost its life or no market value. Those stocks can also be worthy ready to use spares, that can benefit industry buyers.

Liquidation purchases are one of the sources to buy products. This may not happen often, and not sure as to when anyone would be ready to liquidate their excess spares inventory.  It does help the stockist to keep exploring options to buy from such sources and sell in smaller lot to industry buyers.

Online Auctions

Online auction helps buyers and sellers to meet online and bid for competitive prices. In the era of technology, this process of business is considered the most trending ones, as companies/entity can conduct this process anywhere, anytime through internet.
Auctions are very good alternative than traditional purchasing as payment methods are more secure nowadays. Prices are more transparent to the buyers.

Multiple vendor website

Buyer usually needs choices.  If they don’t find a particular brand/product in one website, they can look at procuring it from other website/portals.

So, here comes websites/portal that can provide you option to buy other brand/products as well.  This will enable the buyers to get hooked on to this platform rather than buying from other sources.

Wholesale marketplaces

Bulk sale or bulk buying often provides with the best offer, since buyers will be able to reduce their inventory by not stocking up everything at their end. Also, it helps them in the long run as they will not just save on cost of spares, but also on the logistics, warehouse space, resources to manage, etc.

Ecommerce store

Online, eCommerce platform can provide users with rebates, discounts on specific products.  The rates are attractive as there are no middleman in the process. It is also relatively easy to compare prices.

Clearance Sales

Clearance sales or surplus clearance sale happens when a company or a distributor looks at liquidating excess inventory of spares.  They however may have old or non-moving inventory which a customer may or may not require at that specific point in time.

To have the best of options, if a buyer can get industrial spares online, at a highly reduced price, and the same is easily available and accessible, it can provide a great value add for the entire buyer-seller-reseller partner community at large.

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