How business Take responsibility on B2B E-Commerce of COVID 19

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B2B ecommerce on Covid 19

The coronavirus outbreak, which originated in China, has infected tens of thousands of individuals globally. With its spread  across 146 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared it as an epidemic.

Since there’s no vaccine to stop the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) so far, the sole prevention that folks have is to avoid being exposed to the virus. This is often tried to be achieved through social distancing, personal hygiene measures, and avoiding contact with the infected person.

Here is what you will need to do now, to mitigate the impact of corona virus on your E-Commerce business:

  • Clearly restrict the use of stock items and ensure they can’t be ordered. During times of uncertainty, customers need the reassurance that items are available and can be shipped if they’re ordered. If items are out of stock, provide a practical ship date.
  • Remember your B2B customers and their customers are counting on you to run smoothly. Synchronize your business systems, supply chain  and distribution centers to make sure that your online product information is updated real-time.
  • Review complex pricing or shipping rules to make sure they don’t appear to extend profit during the pandemic. This perception negatively affects the customer experience and future sales.
  • While customer demand may drop, we should look at exploring  other markets. Monitor sales regularly. Ensure product and its data stays discoverable through search and suggestions. Add up-to-date links to relevant authorities that help explain your disruptions or shortages.
  • Understand that employees may have time besides their  day-to-day work, which can be used to manage any personal crisis. Encourage them to spend time with families or volunteer in their community.

How businesses are taking responsibility

                Businesses – large and tiny, are taking this as a chance to redefine their workplace policies during this turbulent times. Here’s an extended list of how businesses are adapting and restructuring to serve customers while protecting their employees.

Online logistics helps off-line sales move online

                                            If you haven’t moved online, now’s an ideal time to try and do so. With the increasing demand for online sales, even non-essential items are being sold with the help of online logistics companies. Logistics companies are helping online sellers close deals and keep goods moving.

E-Commerce during Corona

As many brick-and-mortars grapple with closures and layoffs, e-Commerce may be a great and profitable alternative to a physical store. Marketing Interactive shares variety of insights for B2B sellers about the increasing importance of their digital presence in bad times and good.

Manufacturers pivot to New Markets

As the marketplace for their traditional products dries up, manufacturers are assessing their production capabilities and producing the new products that the market demands. These manufacturers are using creative ways in retooling to supply high demand items like hand sanitizers, face masks, and ventilators.

                          This difficult time, it’s important to remember that this phase is all temporary.  But a good time to plan and prepare ourselves for the new future.


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