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loc liquidation model

Over the centuries, every manufacturing sector deals with an issue known as “Excess Inventory”. More and more industry experts are on the way to find optimized solutions to get over this mainly. As we can notice, more and more inventory management solutions are up today as preventive measures. But, Goospares here mainly serves to help you with the problems that occurred.

Be it an inventory or industry, Goospares offers various liquidation solutions(LOC Liquidation Models) as per your requirements providing the best value for your spares more than you imagined.

 Our Liquidation Models(LOC):

  • Lot Liquidation
  • Online Liquidation
  • Consignment Liquidation 

 Lot Liquidation:

  •  It is a 3 step liquidation process where Goospares will buy liquidation products in lot-upfront
steps Involved in Lot Liquidation

Benefits of Lot Liquidation:

  1. One Time effort
  2. Clears warehouse space
  3. Net cash on your non-moving stocks
  4. Instant results

Online Liquidation:

It is a 7 step process where Sellers can list their excess material with live images to and Goospares will act as a marketing platform for listing and connecting buyers for liquidation products.


  1. Revenue Generation from Idle stocks
  2. Global platform listing
  3. Quicker accessibility for internal usage

Consignment Liquidation: 

  1. The seller can assign the excess material to Goospares
  2. Excess/ Liquidation inventory can be shifted to the warehouse of Goospares
  3. Goospares provide Transparent Tracking & Report using barcode


  1. Clears warehouse space of seller
  2. Effective utilization of warehouse space 
  3. Less administrative expenses for the seller
  4. Reliable warehousing provided by Goospares
  5. Eliminate Maintenance on Unused Equipment
  6. Reduction in overhead costs like storage, manpower, etc.,
  7. Seller free from digital image capture, regular buyer inspection support, quality assurance, returns, package, lead time 
Lot vs Online vs Consignment

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