Are industries doing well in managing COVID 19?

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covid 19

Corona virus (COVID-19) is, first and foremost, a pandemic crisis affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. This also has a major impact on the global economy, affecting most companies – from the viewpoint of revenue, operations, clients, and employees. Services that risk life, health or personal safety are also affected. One thing is obvious –there’s no industry left unscathed.

Protect yourself and the others, just go online and be safe indoors.

In Manufacturing

As of now, we are all aware of production shutdowns and plant closures that manufacturers are doing to stop the spread of the virus and respond to government demands for social distancing, as well as supply chain challenges – shortages of components.

Moreover, this sector has a vital role to play in turning manufacturing facilities into the manufacturing of medical devices, Hand Sanitizers and masks.

Over the years, global supply chains have experienced many types of disruption, particularly in the manufacturing industry – from earthquakes, floods and tsunamis to social disruption. Through disruption creates confusion as to how suppliers are affected and how long it lasts.

But things couldn’t be any different with the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, as it will bring a new normal. This is not a short-term disruption; it will continue for several months and impact companies worldwide.

Manufacturers are dependent on the prompt delivery of parts to power up their just-in-time production systems, especially in the manufacturing industries.

Technological Advancements

New infection outbreaks (SARS, H1N1, Ebola, Zika, etc.) keeps occurring few years across the world, but the global effects of COVID 19 will make us  reconsider our readiness for these disasters. A critical role is going to  be played with digital technologies and cloud.

The advances in digital technology empower businesses to collaborate through key resources (communications, transactions, payments, partnership and more), while allowing for social distance and supporting the battle against COVID-19. We believe that, during and after the crisis, digital technology will get another boost.

Despite major cities promoting lockdown and social distance, online shopping apps and websites globally showed higher levels of user acquisition and engagement. Since the first week of March 2020, the number of new and active users in e-commerce and online applications has been steadily growing.

The e-commerce giants are encouraging its customers to stay at home and use the platform to order their everyday needs and to store essential goods.

Warehouse services

Unquestionably, public health is the main concern during COVID-19. It has, sadly, disrupted many industries and the people who are associated with it.

Some warehouses are operating in order to provide the customers with the essential needs. For their protection and that of consumers, products that enter and leave warehouses are sanitized, while the logistics team is fitted with hand sanitizers, gloves and masks.

How Goospares adapted to the pandemic

  • The corona virus pandemic causes widespread global instability and will impact multiple sectors differently. We would like to support this through online fulfillment.
  • Our top priority is health and the well-being of our employees, clients and business associates.
  • We have worked in close collaboration with our clients in all aspects to help them get to the best out of this situation.
  • Every situation is different and we offer that extra support for different companies, manufacturing entities who need help with spares.
  • Our teams are on standby to support our customers and manufacturing companies in these tough times.
  • We continue to provide technical support through website for any specific requirements or solutions.


We expect this pandemic should be behind us in the months to comes . This is the time to look at your business with a new perspective. Stay home, be healthy, and practice social distancing. Using these downtime to review some of your tactics, evaluate data, improve the segmentation of your users and find ways to enhance your campaign performance.

Finally, Stay Safe and Stay Indoors as much as you can.

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